CUNY IT Conference, 2007

“Open Source, Open Learning, Open Communities: Exploring Alternatives to Blackboard”

Presentation for the CUNY IT Conference at John Jay College in New York City on November 30th, 2007

This panel examined three uses of open-source tools for teaching and learning, beginning with Mikhail Gershovich’s discussion of Baruch’s cac.cophany, a blog that has allowed the Bernard Schwartz Institute to share its work with local and global audiences. Followed by Matt Gold sharing his experience teaching an online new-media studies course with a number of open-source applications for collaborative writing and research projects. Finally, I presented the blogging initiative at UMW which has brought an entire institution into conversation with itself and the world.

Mikhail Gershovich, Director, Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute, Baruch College
Matthew K. Gold, Faculty, New York City of Technology and the CUNY Online Baccalaureate

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