UMW Blogs Begins

University of Mary Washington’s Faculty Academy, May 13-14th, 2008

A long, long time ago (four years this July, to be exact) UMW’s Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies took a brave step into our cultural moment’s greatest frontier: teaching and learning on the wide open web. This presentation will examine the history of that bold move along with one of its particularly compelling progeny, UMW Blogs. The launch of UMW Blogs in Fall 2007 saw the creation of over 1000 blogs authored by more than 1200 UMW students, faculty, and staff. We couldn’t be more delighted by the way in which the community has adopted this new space and the activity that’s been generated in it.

Over the course of the year, UMW Blogs was used for such a wide range of purposes that calling it simply a “blogging platform” doesn’t do it justice; we like to think of it more as a web-based publishing platform for re-imagining teaching and learning technologies. This presentation will not only frame the history of this web-based evolution, but examine how the UMW community has used this space to collaborate, interact, and present their work to the worlds beyond its border, much of which will provide a context for a number of the sessions you will be hearing over the course of this conference.

Session website:
Gardner Campbell, UMW’s English, Linguistics, and Speech
Andy Rush, New Media Specialist, UMW’s Division of Teaching and Learning

Video of session available below:

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