Why Wikipedia?

UMW’s Faculty Academy, April 13-14th, 2008

The Long Poem seminar created an article for Wikipedia over the course of the Spring, 2008 semester as a way to frame some of their research as well as to create a collaborative document that could then be shared with the world. On the first of April this article was officially published on Wikipedia by the class, and is currently an online resource readily available to the world. The project brings up some interesting questions and issues surrounding the academy’s role in creating and shaping the content that people will be accessing on Wikipedia. Should colleges and universities be contributing to this global resource of information? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? Why Wikipedia?
“Welcome to the People‚Äôs Republic of Non-Programistan”

Session website with relevant links: http://facultyacademy.org/wiki08/page/Why_Wikipedia%3F

Co-Presenter: Mara Scanlon (UMW, English, Linguistics, and Communication)

Session audio forthcoming.

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